tia lencha historia

The origin of our enterprise dates back to 1928 when Fidencia Quiroga Chavarria, better known as Tia Lencha, established a restaurant in Cienega de Flores, N.L., a little population in the north of Mexico, to give service to the workers that where building the Mexico-Laredo highway, they were men who made a hard work and stayed long periods of time away from their homes, so they required a good alimentation to recover energies. The Tia Lencha, with her abilities to cook and great season, created the delicious dish that she called “Machacado with Eggs” with the dried beef and eggs, that today bears the name “Tia Lencha”, it’s fame grew throughout all Mexico, that presidents, governors and film artists went to the restaurant.


In the year 1956, the industrialization and commercialization for the dried beef started so people would be able to prepare the famous “Machacado with Eggs”. Giving origin to our enterprise Productos Alimeticios Tia Lencha, S. A. using technological advances but preserving the flavor and the traditional characteristics of its origins, we took it to thousands of Mexican homes, now in the search of international market, with a product of excellent quality elaborated with the most strict hygiene standards in our magnificent installations.